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Craft & Draft, since 2015

Craft & Draft's history is simple & short

Pieter van der Arend (CEO Morebeer) started Craft & Draft as a American Growlerstation with 40 different international beers fresh on draft and a beershop. The system was quite simple, taste a beer and buy a growler with that fresh to take away. A normal system in the USA but people in The Netherlands didn't know and embrace the growlers-concept and started to drink and meet in the bar. Just like in an normal beercafé in The Netherlands, so we reduced the growlersystem from 40 fresh beers in growlers to 10 fresh crafted beers. In 2020 we ended the full growlersystem. 


In the front of the beerbar, and open during the opening hours of the bar, was the beershop. People could take away all kinds of bottled & canned beer from all over the world. In 2017 we started to make more room in the bar by renovating the shop but
It's still possible to take away canned or bottled beer.

During the Coronacrisis, in 2021, the beershop came back at the café, all the beer-kegs from the café's were canned so the regular visitors could enjoy alle the special beers at home despite the lockdown. The beershop was called 'SLOCKDOWN', a wink to the Corona-lockdown. (SLO(C)K means Gulp)

The Staff

Alex Lubbers started in 2015 and Merk Minnesma in 2016 as bartenders.
August 1, 2022 they did takeover the Craft and Draft special-beers bar from Peter and now they are the proud owners of Craft & Draft. 
For the future there are more plans with this special-beers bar.

Come to meet us and let us inform you about our beers on draft or bottle/can, tell us what kind of taste you like and dislike. We will find a beer for you.
Over 40 international crafts beers are on draft and over 60 canned & bottled beers are in stock everyday to drink at the bar or take away.

We hope to see and serve you soon!

Kind regards.

Merk & Alex

Craft & Draft, the place to beer.